Thursday, June 15, 2017

What do You Think The Difference of Peruvian Hair and Brazilian Hair

Many clients ask me what's the distinction between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair when it comes to extensions. The objective of this information is to provide my perspective about this issue.To buy hair online for both Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair, there are many methods to achieve this purpose.

To make use of extensions daily, I'd state that probably the most striking difference may be the texture from the hair. Brazilian locks are light texture, rather thin and vaporous when compared with Peruvian hair. This lightness gives extensions which have an all natural "movement". Peruvian hair includes a more pronounced density, they're more "hard" than Brazilians and therefore provide a bigger volume. Peruvian weaving, particularly, tend to be more durable than Brazilians because of the density from the hair.

The 2nd difference originates from the cost of extensions. Brazilian hair has known their hour of glory and therefore are always very plebiscite therefore the offers are more essential compared to the Peruvian hair. The second are thus more costly available on the market compared to former.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Quality Brazilian Hair Make You Awesome

Are you currently searching for a few of the innovative methods for flaunting your look and persona within an impressive way while wish to keep others in queue to follow along with you?

Would you like to help make your own style or wish to impress others during different occasions and special events?

Such questions are extremely common among gorgeous as well as women - whether or not they're celebrity, models, housewives, professional women or college going women. They appear for the best and trendy accessories, jewellery collection, clothing, footwear, beauty treatment and skincare products not to mention the clear way of flaunting their style and persona within an impressive way.

The clear way of speaking, walking and also have a bigger smile also play a huge role for making you the middle of attraction everywhere.

Regrettably, for a number of gorgeous ladies, it is not only greater than a dream due to getting not good hairstyle or even the hair of the preferred choice. They frequently avoid becoming negligence any event or attempting to hide themselves somewhere. There might be some other reasons too. Remember to say the irritation level that could increase.

If you're also among the gorgeous girls that by reason need to drop their idea and excitement to become part of any event because of getting no preferred style and appear, then you've better chance of fulfilling your requirement without having to worry about anything. A cutting-edge way with natural and genuine materials can be obtained to get making your personal and incredibly impressive hairstyle. Whether you need to possess the locate a model or wish to follow design for any celebrity, you'll have a more sensible choice of creating the ideal become a reality.

Now, some famous manufacturers and sweetness care salons have develop the very best solutions. Now, you can purchase Brazilian virgin hair weave bundles, Malaysian frizzy hair or something like that special within the similar way. These manufacturers have condition from the art laboratories when they collect the very best and pure hair from women according to their choice to enable them to make a good extension and wigs based on your decision. These stores offer you home delivery, easy refund policy and much more to be able to buy the preferred hair wigs and extensions to produce your personal style. Furthermore, additionally they provide you with attractive discounts and run deals to create home more without having to worry about money.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Caring Tips for Hair Weave Extensions

If you wish to put on hair extensions you will want them to be matching your original hair and hence you will require to first discolor them and afterwards give color to them. And for this, virgin hair is the most suitable. As virgin Indian hair is not processed with any chemical substance, its external layer of cuticle is intact and therefore it is just right for the application of dye. The procedure is pretty similar to coloring your own hair. And you will also require to protect them from damaging objects. Other types of hair extensions are likely to smash when applied dyes or colors.If you are interested in how to start selling virgin hair weave business, please visit our website.

Test for Tolerability

Initially a tolerability test must be undertaken on the extensions so as to see whether they will bear the intense activities of fading and dyeing. Prepare the dye as per the directions and put it firstly to a small segment of the hair extensions. Allow it to stay for some moments and then rinse. Inspect whether there is any break. If the extensions don't rupture or suffer any other destruction, you are free to dye them definitely.


The method of decolorization of the extensions is more difficult than the method of dyeing. There is more danger of impairment to the extensions because of decolorization method. Decolorization includes fading products which are most prone to impair the extensions. If you wish to overcome this impairment, you can apply dye to them directly. However this can render a murky tinge to the hair and a coppery shade can be resulted. This can be evaded with routine and contined application of color, which will give your rid of the tone and make the hair extensions look of the color you aim at. Usually 3 Applications are sufficient to give your rid of the shade and they are required to be done with an interval of two days between each session.

If You cannot Stay Away from Bleaching

If you cannot avoid bleaching, make use of an eraser prior to bleaching. Normally, use of eraser at least two times on dark brown turns it to brown. Don't make use of bleach at once after administration of eraser, else hair will be impaired. Make the bleach working exactly on the guidelines mentioned on the packet and immerse the hair extensions in the mixture. Let them stay for some moments and rinse them. You have to keep in mind throughout the process that bleaching is pretty prone to cause damage to the extensions. You need to utilize it for minimum two times to fade them, so obey the guidelines precisely and don't skip the forewarning.

To lower the impairment suffered by the hair extensions owing to bleaching, use conditioner on them routinely. You can even apply serum to overcome their destruction.

When the extensions are virgin, they are the most right to your original hair, as they are entirely natural, unlike other varieties of hair extensions. And just because of this, they are pricier as well. In this case, it becomes necessary to save them from any impairment. Nevertheless, the procedures of bleaching and dyeing also are required to make them blend perfectly with your own hair and therefore, you have to be very cautious at the time of doing these techniques to the hair extensions.

Friday, November 25, 2016

What Kind of Hair Weaving Fit with Natural Hair?

It is only normal to wear natural hair and want to change your look from time to time. Except that when the choice turns to an open weave, we wonder how to do? I think that like to put the weaving we already had to ask this question at least once.

For me that was adept at weaving before the natural return. I had a lot of trouble before you get used to the idea of closed weaving "effect" hat I find, well that's my advice.

After my visit to the natural I had to banish this method, because it did not have a smooth weave and hair natural shrinkes on top to cover the slot. Or even having to smooth out them each time with scared be faced once the weave with a smooth strand defeated.

This is so a tutorial of the installation of hair weaving, at least with this method, ends the headlock on hair straightening. Given that I'm a big Slacker, and I can't seem to get bonded mats alone, still less the laying of weaving, I entrust always my head my hairdresser. But those who are good with their fingers can learn from this tutorial simple enough and well explained to achieve their weaving.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some Simple Info of Btazilian Hair

Gathered in rustic regions, Brazilian hair has a legacy, African, Indian (local Brazilian) and European, making it a standout amongst the most flexible surfaces, solid, pliable, they can adjust to a wide assortment of hair (7A afro, mestizo, European).

They can be found in frame smooth, wavy or wavy

Delicate touch and a delicate characteristic shine in appearance, smooth proposed in this sort of hair won't be steep "chopsticks", but instead a defective normal smoothing with swells that will make the more regular and has its appeal.

This sort of hair keeps longer than Indian hair twists. It requires no uncommon upkeep (with the exception of wavy hair) and has great life span (if they regard the support essential tenets of hair).

To whom ought to? Generally ladies of Afro-Caribbean sort mestizo and Maghreb.

Note there are no Brazilian regular hair shading than the # 2, due to sensibly from them.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

the first quality products virrgin remy hair

we have the pleasure to present to you one of the best qualities of the brazilian hair. the quality of the hair, the hair is also india and peru. it may be that you already know, and that is always in the most part of merchant sites specializing in hair extensions, human hair, "remy" the hair cuticle intact virgin hair, they are not treated in any way whatsoever, that doesn't mean they it is eternal, we will come back to this article. since the establishment of our company, we provide our clients professional hair for two years, and now sold in our shop, we can say with pride that we have one of the best qualities of the human hair of the market? where to buy human hair weave onlinebecause the hair, but we have never had little negative returns on the quality of hair. in effect, a negative feedback that we have, are, excuse us, lack of logical reasoning to a number of clients, as well as the individual.

since the extensions fall after the hairdresser or barber shop is also good, let us weave weave or keratin, to do with the quality of the hair, it is a completely false statement. we recognize that in a lot of hair, in the the case of weaving, can be one or more pieces of manufacturing defects in the seam, because in most cases, sewing craft weaving is done in a manner and, therefore, to err is human. however, in the case of weaves, hair loss is often the methods of hairdressers. well, imagine a beautiful puzzle, if you take one or more of these parts, the puzzle is, it is just the case of a train of weaving. where to buy good quality brazilian hairif you cut and cut the train at the laying of the weave, the hair will fall, even if you bought a million euro package of weaving, and this applies to all, including weaving, weaving). so the hair loss of a loom has nothing with the quality of hair, even the fall due to a manufacturing defect. that's why you have to take the time to make one or two points of strong sewing, such as net or mesh point glue special capillary weaving, such as "fair."

at each end cut, this gesture will drop your weaving hair, if you really are have to cut into the block in the pose. with regard to the extensions a keratin, the fall of hair may be due to that there was not sufficient to detect keratin glue each lock of hair at the time of manufacture, which is a manufacturing defect, if you notice this anomaly in the melt is the extension. just a keratin glue granules to strengthen your extensions. we get more extensions said keratin glue, and these extensions have nothing to do with the real glue keratin. there's a very simple way to know if the glue of your extensions keratin is the real glue for this, you need to make a very simple test.

before you start asking your hair extensions are extended in the shoe, and the protection of the fingers, put it down on a lock of your own hair, and if you feel burning hot intense, like a rubber on your bare fingers touching the keratin dissolve, then you must not ask the extensions, as the glue of the keratin is not, but the chemical glue, if, after the test, you're still the extensions, then when you get out of your own head,best place to buy brazilian hair online the fall's inevitable. you said earlier that the human hair extensions are not eternal, even for the best of the best, however, you can greatly optimized the long life, the care provider with capillary adapted, don't forget, even though our extensions are derived from real human hair, they produisissent more these same nutrients necessary for good health and beauty care, which we take hair adapted to these extensions, and rightly, care hair, we'll talk about it on this blog.
know, understand, in order to make better and better, we will help you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Today I come to speak a bit of my hair (this post some staff will be long, sorry about that). It gives advice on the blog, advice we learned from our experience, but we also talk about our hair problems because yes, I have too. My hair is not perfect ...

So for the record, I had a hair more or less peaceful life since my big chop. There had ups and downs but as my hair would more-so I think ...
There was a time when I was testing a little while (going all there) to see what was to me. I'm afraid I do not have known my frizzy hair and found the perfect products for them. and yet, in a few months, it'll be two years I am totally natural ..

There was the time when I was dying to color my hair, and I did. My hair is not all fell that day. Nothing untoward happened, had my hair colored portions (that was kind of my goal).

And there was the time when I got my hair for granted and there I began to allow myself not to moisturize for a week, for example ..

And I think now my hair is going to show me that I should have not.
Since my return from vacation (January 2014) my hair has changed. They are not like before. I went with dry brittle hair, lots of hair were breaking with spikes that were scratchy nodes and all ... (I think this was due to the fact that I have neglected my hair for one month and also the climate drying to where I was) so I decided to go in a challenge to treat my hair and look healthy again.

I started cutting my spikes and even more because I feel that my whole length damaged (I even considered a second big chop). I chained the moisturizers to restore hydration and suppleness of my hair but it was still not. My hair continued to break into the mass.
So I decided to do a treatment with coconut milk and it helped me. The two weeks since I had less breakage. I thought that my breakage problem was related to a lack of protein. 3 weeks later I redo a care in coconut milk and I find myself with coarse hair ... And I still have dry, brittle hair care whatever I do.
I thought a lot to cut my quality human hair weft and everything starts again ... But I know that I will miss my length.
I still hesitate. I'm a little discouraged, unmotivated or at least I do not know what happens. My hair they have problems? Or maybe I am more afraid that there is wrong, I do not know ...
Why lately I was posting more about the challenge, and even on the hair because I'm a little lost here.

I have the points quite well, because I have cut my hair before the challenge, I still have voluminous hair (God knows how it is with all the hair I see on the floor every time I untangles or I pass my fingers through ..). I have my length continues to increase, I realized this week by my braids over. I was surprised to see the length braids. I take pictures and it gives me a little hope because I am very far from relaxed hair fine hair and short hair post big chop.

But the questions are: Where do all these hair I found in the comb and on the ground at each manipulation? And why? Why do my hair more shine too as before? Despite all the care, why I can not find the right balance between hydration and strengthening? Do I really have a hair problem? Or am I paranoid? lol Is what I see problems where there are none?

I do not know. But anyway, I'm a little tired of that stress. The last thing that needs stressing me is my hair.

"When you have little, you want more and when we have more, we want more. But when you lose everything, you realize that no, it was enough."

This quote, I saw him at the end of a video of one of my favorite hair youtubeuses, and it spoke to me. This is true and I have also taken in connection with my hair.

These are just a hair. I complain but it could have been worse! So I will not second big chop. I will cut my spikes progressively until all the color goes.

I'll fix myself a simple routine with products that suit me (whether or not silicone), hold and stop me wanting to find the holy grail as I know them already.

I will share my official capillary routine in some time. May be my second nappyversaire in August or even earlier. By then I will journal of the products I had not yet spoken.

Well, it was a small summary of what is happening in my life now capillary. I wanted to talk about it on the blog, it's also from the experience :)